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Yes, I do! These are outlined in my welcome guide. If you're curious about free add-ons in addition to your session, check out my Travel Wish List!

do you charge travel feeS?

My values and morals mean EVERYTHING to me and I want us on the same page! I am LGBTQ+ friendly, I believe in the Black Lives Matter movement, and I believe in leaving no trace in nature (no pollution, trail skipping, or vandalism). 

What do the icons in your footer mean?

Easily the most asked question on this forum! Editing takes time, but don’t worry! I send out sneak peeks within a week of the session and then you can expect your hour session photos within 2-4 weeks and you can expect your wedding/elopement photos within 8-12 weeks. Please note that with COVID-19 I have been busier than usual and these turn around times are subject to change based on how frequently I'm booked.

how long will it take me to get my photos?

I’m a firm believer that taking too many photos is WAY better than not taking enough; however, I’m still going to choose quality over quantity. For hour long sessions you can expect 75-100 photos and for weddings and elopements, you can expect around 50-75 photos per hour of shooting!

how many photos will we get?

NO! I promise you, most people think they’re awkward in front of the camera- myself included. Once we start shooting and doing warm up prompts, it will come naturally. I will prompt you based around your personalities so don’t sweat it!

We're super awkward in front of the camera. Will that translate in our photos?

Yes- but don’t freak out! I won’t edit the way you look or change any physical features on you! I will take out anything that won’t be there for 60 days like: blemishes, cuts, lipstick on teeth, BOOB TAPE, and even discolored hands from that spray tan.


NO! If you hire me then you are hiring MY ART. Part of that art is the editing itself. I will be the one who picks and chooses which photos will be apart of your gallery and all will be edited in my style (and all B&W photos will also have a version in color)!


Yes, yes, and yes! I love traveling, especially when I get to take photos of you & your love while I’m there! Check out my Travel Wish List to see if your wedding/honeymoon location is on there for a discount in pricing and NO travel fees! 

do you travel for sessions?

-leah & ryan williams

Kait is absolutely THE BEST! She is the ideal photographer when it comes to amateur posers. She was able to direct us in a gentle way that made us comfortable and it helped show our true personalities through the pictures. Throughout the whole process, she made sure to change up the poses while checking to make sure we felt confident. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is able to book her - as she is so so talented!  

-sara & brandon thurmond

Kait did such an amazing job with our pictures! We hired her as our photographer for our little wedding. She is incredibly talented and detailed. My family and I love the way the pictures turned out and she made the process so easy. Kait as a person and her works are both very professional. I was a little nervous about being awkward during our pictures, but she was so sweet and capable of making us look natural and relaxed. She captured moments with real emotions. She was very responsive and straightforward about the business side of things and accommodated to the things I was looking for. On the wedding day, she was very reliable. She even brought a clear umbrella to take advantage of the rain and they turned out so good. We love love love our photos. We highly recommend Kait.

-bethanne & matt etheridge

Kait is an amazing artist! My fiance and I had the privilege of doing a couples shoot with Kait a few months ago, and I knew immediately we needed her for our engagement pictures and wedding day! We are so excited to be able to continue to work with her, and display her amazing work throughout our home. If you have an event or stage of life you want to document and keep forever, use Kait!

-ava bergeron

Not only are the photos absolutely stunning, but she is such a beautiful person inside and out. She makes it very easy to be comfortable while taking the photos as well. She is always super professional, and her talent is outstanding. I am beyond thankful or my pictures and I will definitely be coming back to her!!

-fuller tice

What can I say? Kait is not only a professional but also a truly genuine individual. She knew exactly how to take charge of our shoot and found the PERFECT moments to capture. She is such a fun and caring individual who not only loves what she does but loves interacting with those she is around. Would I recommend getting her to shoot for you? 100%

-harriet thompson

"Kait did an in-home session with my boyfriend & I and I LOVE how the photos turned out!! She made the whole experience so comfortable and fun. I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer!!"

-kristen harrison

"I have never had a photo shoot before and Kait made it so easy! She guided me through every step to where there was never an awkward moment! I truly think the pictures only came out well because of how comfortable she made me feel. I highly recommend her! She even edited out the burn mark I had made on my forehead from where I was trying to do my hair before the shoot."

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